09 mayo 2011


1. This style is so easy, it's laughable. Day-old hair is best (which is true for most hairstyles, since it's easier to work with hair that has a little dirt in it).

2. Divide your hair into three equal parts and quickly spray each section with a little hairspray to help give it hold. Let the hairspray set for a couple seconds, and then lightly comb it out.

3. Take the section on your right side, and twist your hair all the way down to the end. You want to twist counter-clockwise, toward your face. Wrap the right section in on itself, just like you're making a little bun. Let some of the hair stick out, it's ok (you don't want them to look like Princess Leia buns).

4. Pin the right bun in place. I like to use these mini bobby pins, since they're easier to hide and they're coated in rubber so they hold your hair better.

5. Next, twist the middle section clockwise and pin. Then twist the left section clockwise and pin.

6. Spray the three buns with a little more hairspray, and you're done!

See? Super simple!

4 comentarios:

Alicia dijo...

bonito tutorial...pero no me veo capaz de llevarlo a la practica!


I love your blog. Beautiful inspiration!


Siubhan dijo...

I saw this a while back, and loved it, but I'm so happy I found it again! The photographs are so beautiful, aren't they.

Patusibu dijo...

Alicia es fácil!!! prueba, prueba..

Thank you Maräng Form!

Siubhan I think so! I love this photos!

have a nice day!